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Great appreciation

I am so happy I found this community, I never knew it was here. I'm so glad there are so many others who value and appreciated Kieslowski's work as much as I do!
I have just seen the new Criterion DVD of The Double Life of Veronique! OMG the transfer was amazing. The VHS I have been watching, the picture quality is so poor this was a real treat. Watching it again after many years reminded me why Kieslowski remains my favorite writer/director/cinematic philosopher. In the past my devotion have been split between Bergman and Kieslowski but after viewing the Dekalog, Three Colors Trilogy, and now Double Life of Veronique again, my appreciation for Kieslowski has surpassed mine for Bergman. I still love Bergman but Kieslowski is a cinematic Prospero, capable of any magic. He even gave us a tempest at the end of Red. When he died he was working on another trilogy, Heaven, Hell, Purgatory. I always think, had he lived and completed Heaven, what would Kieslowski's heaven be like? Watching Double Life of Veronique, I think I caught a glimpse of it.
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