takashileone (takashileone) wrote in kino_kieslowski,

The Decalogue Discussions

I've looking on the internet for discussions about this but I haven't found one decent. How about we start
one here.

What are you fave episodes. Finally got the dvd's of this.. way overdue..heheh. My parents have watched this a long time ago and have recommend to me. I'm a aspiring director, and Kieslowski is on my top list. I thought there would be more of a discussion about Kieslowski and his works on the net but there isn't, that's sad.

I've watched eppys 1-9, one more to go.

So far my faves are 1,4, and 5. I'm really thinking about 6, 7 and 8, very good films. Oh man it's way too hard to decide a fave one.

And what do you all think about Young Man aka (Man in the sheepskin in eppy 1) in the series.

I hope we can get into deep discussions about the decalogue.
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